7 Ways to Help Your Loved One in Prison

The nature of prison is to make the inmate feel powerless and less than.

1. Keep in touch.
2. Don’t hesitate to talk about great and exciting times.
3. Share what’s on your mind.
4. Send pictures of home.
5. Remember birthdays.
6. Every now and then, make them feel like a rock star at mail call.
7. Engage their brains.

Prison Talk

Inmate Families & Loved Ones Support Community

The PrisonTalk Online web community was conceived in a prison cell, designed in a halfway house, and funded by donations from families of ex-offenders, to bring those with an interest in the prisoner support community a forum in which their issues and concerns may be addressed by others in similar circumstances and beliefs.

There is no worse feeling than that of being alone and helpless. This applies to the families of those who are incarcerated just as much as it does to those behind the walls. PTO’s goal is to bridge the communication barrier that exists in and around the criminal “justice” system today and bring everyone in the prisoner support community closer together to effect change in policy, prisoner rights, sentencing and so much more.

How Prison Couples Create Intimacy Through the Bars

The soul searching and questioning behind committing to the system.

Many people who end up in relationships with prisoners say the same thing: They weren’t originally looking for love. What most outsiders don’t consider when thinking about prison love: the soul searching, the questioning, the identity crisis of what falling in love with an incarcerated person means. Plus, the judgment our society levies upon prisoners — that they are somehow unworthy and irredeemable…

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