Snitches Get Stitches

High-quality greeting cards, apparel and accessories for the men and women with loved ones behind bars.


Match all of your Snitches Get Stitches apparel with our line of accessories.


Rock the Snitches Get Stitches apparel including shirts, tanks, leggings and more.


The only high quality greeting cards designed specifically for the incarcerated.

Happy Customers

This is a great quality card!! It’s super original, fun, and creative and it was shipped within 24hrs! Will definitely purchase other fun cards in the future.

- Brian F.

Very beautiful cards! Loved them!! Cannot wait till my 👑gets it!

- Sheena B.

Recent News

The Snitches Scoop: February Edition

7 Ways to Help Your Loved One in Prison The nature of prison is to make the inmate feel powerless and less than.1. Keep in touch.2. Don’t hesitate to talk about great and exciting times.3. Share what's on your mind.4. Send pictures of home.5....

The Snitches Scoop: January Edition

I Was a Doctor Addicted to Pills. So Were My Patients. “I had no idea if I would get caught. It didn't matter.”I was a family doctor in Clarksburg, West Virginia, and I just wanted to help everybody. I would give them what they wanted, thinking...

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